Slowing Down jQuery

I wanted to work on adding a nice ‘loading…’ effect to my application, of which I have little access to its server code. I needed to find a way to slow down my AJAX calls, so I can see the effect and tweak it in my browser.

Unfortunately, AJAX is too fast on a local environment, and I couldn’t find anything about slowing jQuery down (all Google found were ‘jQuery script too slow’ question pages).

Fortunately, a co-worker and I figured that we could take advantage of the new jQuery Deferred objects.
I added this line to a function that wraps AJAX calls:

And it worked like magic.

It merges the original AJAX’s promise along with something that takes time (i.e. the 3s fadeOut animation), and then uses a deferred pipe to make the promise only return the original AJAX result.


You use it like this: