Introducing the Pushbag Jar

We use Bazaar for version control in Waze, mainly for legacy reasons. We don’t like it that much (compared to Git), but it’s working.

However, as our web team is growing, we find ourselves struggling over and over again to understand why something that worked a few minutes ago (before the merge) doesn’t anymore.

The thing is, it’s usually somebody’s fault. And that person should be educated. Instead of straightforward educating, we decided to go with humiliating. Much more fun this way.

Thus came The Pushbag Jar, modeled after New Girl’s Douchebag Jar. We wrote down a few basic, civil rules, that if you break them - you have to pay, and also move the jar to your desk, so everyone beholds your pushbaggery.

You can see our rules list on this page.
We haven’t decided on what to do with the collected taxes yet, but I’ll let you know if it’s something funny.